Mile repeats!

Had roller derby practice this morning but since I can’t do contact, until the 16th, I just ended up watching everything besides the 30 minutes of cardio and stretching at the beginning of practice.
Afterwards I put on my garmin and took off my shirt and headed outside to do some running in the park the rink is at. The weather was beautiful! Decided to try and hit 10 minute mile pace for three repeats with as much recovery as I needed in between.
I haven’t run a 10 minute mile post-cancer so it was a really tough workout to do. But I did it!

I cried after the last one because it feels so amazing to be healthy again!



*Comes home after a run in sweaty running clothes*

*Changes into clean running clothes*

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Ran Sunday morning on the beach. Only 20ish minutes, but it was very relaxing (and hot and humid!).
Had surgery today to get my mediport out so I can officially get back to full contact derby on the 16th.
Going to try to walk after work for 30 minutes or so tomorrow. Not sure if my body will be up for running so soon after surgery.

No more port!

No more port!



Nothing is nicer then waking up in a king sized bed with sunlight pouring through the window and knowing that you’re a block away from the ocean. I’m so fortunate that my grandparents own a place in Wildwood, NJ that they let the family take turns using all summer.
Can’t wait for some barefoot beach running at dusk!



I’ve been busy with making a ton of scarves for this craft fair!

Sometimes I wish I could quit my day job and make money by crocheting all week and winning races on weekends. But I can’t. So I’m a chemist with racing aspirations and a closet full of yarn, instead.


Really wanted to go for a long run this weekend. Instead, it looks like I will be working ~12 to 14 hours both days repeating work that it took two people all day to do. Overtime check will be nice, but I’ll be too stressed out to enjoy it.
Adult problems…at least I’ll be going to the beach after my 12 day workathon.


Scheduled to get my mediport out after Labor Day! And my oncologist told me there’s a very good chance that I’m cured 😊
Best news I’ve have in a while!

  • non runner: what's the farthest you've ever gone?
  • me: 15 miles
  • non runner: no with a boy
  • me: oh, 8 miles
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