All dressed up today for a champagne brunch and 2 Easter dinners. Not sure if the dress will still fit after all the food!

All dressed up today for a champagne brunch and 2 Easter dinners. Not sure if the dress will still fit after all the food!


Took over 2 and a half minutes off my time from Thursday’s run. I’m still slow as molasses but I didn’t have to walk as much. I’m sure my last round of chemo next week will knock me back on my ass, but I’m going to enjoy running this week.


This is what I said yes to?!

Just found out my fiancé has spent the last 26 years thinking the word derrière was spelled ‘dairy air’ and got its meaning because cows have smelly butts. I think someone needs to read more books.


I once ran a 22 minute 5k.
22 minutes into my run today, I had gone a little over 1.5 miles.

Today’s run felt better.

After fighting cancer and fighting through 3+ months of chemo and counting, and facing 4 or 5 weeks of radiation next month, it’s amazing that I can still get out and run at all. Even if I have to walk. Even if my fastest pace was 12 min/mile. It still counts. Every. Single. Step.


Got my garmin charging while I’m at work, going to try to run a bit this afternoon!

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Starting to get some peach fuzz back on my head. I celebrated by using shampoo for the first time since January.
Only a few more months until I get all my energy back!


5 down, 1 to go

Finished round 5 of chemo Wednesday. Tuesday I felt awesome and went disc golfing for 3 hours with the fiancé and then went to derby practice for two hours and it was so nice to exercise. But I think I did too much and got too little sleep because I was so tired Wednesday.
I even took the day off today because off all my stupid side effects. Constant ringing my ears, tingling in my hands and arms up to my elbows, dry mouth, disgusting tasting mouth, can’t eat big meals, and after I get my shot today, body aches all over for 3 days.

It just really is discouraging to go from feeling almost normal to feeling sick again. But the good news: my head is starting to get fuzzy again so hopefully my hair will start to really grow in 2 months or so. And in 6 weeks I should have the energy to start run/walking regularly again.



I’m not the runner who leaves the race with medals around my neck

I’m the runner who knows what it feels like to come in last

I’m not the runner equipped with natural talent 

so I’m the runner who knows the importance of constant training

I’m not the runner who leads the workouts

But I’m the runner who never stops trying to catch-up

I’m not the runner who wins the big race

But I’m the runner who never stops dreaming I will

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Dear random people at the store,
If you want to pray for me, don’t come up and ask permission. You also don’t need to ask my name. Whatever god you believe already knows my name and situation and they probably already have everything under control. You can pray for people and not tell them. It doesn’t affect your karma points.
Also, you don’t have to tell me you’re proud of me for not wearing a hat. For all you know I could have shaved my head as some sort of satanic ritual. If I wanted to know your opinions I would have asked. My not wearing a hat in public isn’t because I want attention, it’s because hats are itchy.
The bald girl

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there’s a large gap between the runner i am and the runner i want to be and it’s so frustrating 

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