Everything according to plan

So I DID manage to get my butt out of bed this morning and hit the gym before class.  I biked for about 15 minutes just to wake up and then focused on core stuff.  I did a bunch of planks and ab sets and exercises with a medicine ball.

And on top of that I just got back from a 25 minute run with two of my teammates.  We didn’t even slip on the ice outside!  So it was a pretty good workout day.  My goal right now is just to try to get my body used to running again.  During XC season I had problems with my shin.  I’m pretty sure I was developing another stress fracture like I had the season before.  So I cut my workouts to every other day towards the end of the season (but still managed to PR :D) and didn’t run at all afterwards to let my legs recover. 

Point of the story: maintanance miles now= better workouts later.